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Jumper Wire

  • Used for outdoor service wire to the subscriber premises.
  • Outer jacketing material is Polyethylene in accordance with the international standards.


Solid copper electrolytic copper or tin coated electrolytic copper wire. The conductor size is 0.6 mm


The copper wires, which are parallel to each other, coated with polyvinyl chloride having the colors of blue and white.


Cable Construction

Blue and white colored insulations are twisted together to form a pair.

Additional Information

Conductor Diameter Outer Diameter Approximate Weight Coil Length (±%5)
mm mm Kg/m m
0,6 2,0 7,5 500

Electrical Requirements at 20°C

Conductor Size   0,6 (mm)
Resistance Max. 64,5
Insulation Resistance 500 V DC
(M Ohm km)
Min 200
Dielectric Strength
(KV DC for 1 min)
Min 1,4

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